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Suits, Shirts, Tie Pins and Bowler Hats
Piers Johnson has an excellent fashion section on his website Mrs. Peel...we're needed.
His fashion guide to The Avengers and The New Avengers lists all fashion worn by the main characters in the series.

There's a John Steed's fashion guide for the seasons 3, 4, 5, 6 and The New Avengers so far.
John Steed's Fashion on John Steed's flat:

The bowler hats

RIP - Bowlers

Special equipment of Steed's bowler

Other hats of John Steed

Fancy hats

Steed's brolly

Steed dressing and undressing

Damaged dressing

John Steed in uniform

Non military uniforms

On the beach, at the pool, at the Turkish bath

Suitcases and bags

Carnations and other flowers


Tie pins

Bow Ties



Steed's nightwear

Fashion Props
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John Steed's Fashion
Fashion in series 1