Beach, Pool and Turkish Bath
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Fanart - colourised beachjacket Fanart - Steed at the beach The Removal Men
Immortal Clay Immortal Clay Fanart -  Immortal Clay colourised
Steed wrapped in a towel in the Turkish bath where he has a meeting with his superior One Ten in Immortal Clay
Steed is wearing his striped cabana jacket/in Death Dispatch when he's at the pool relaxing with a drink, a cobra libre...and obviously he does not intend to go for a swim as he's wearing pants, a polo shirt and espandrilles (with socks !).

However Steed can be seen in light blue swimming trunks in The Removal Men on the Les Centaurs Beach. It's the same beachjacket in his right hand again as in Death Dispatch. There's another photo of Steed at the beach of Deauville, Normandy, in The Nutshell, you can't see his swimming gear, but only the striped beach towel that he used in The Removal Men.
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