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Series 6 episodes

The Forget-Me-Knot: Steed makes Irish Coffee at his flat; a coffee  with three (since when?) lumps; a whisky soda with Mother; he asked the nurse for a tea (doesn't drink it).

Invasion of the Earthmen - no alcohol

The Curious Case of the Countless Clues - he brings a bottle of champagne for Tara for the first time (no drinking)

Split! - coffee at Steed's flat; a brandy at Lord Barns home, a bottle of Champagne with Tara at his flat - he's about to open the bottle

Get-A-Way! - Champagne at Steed's flat with his friends and Tara, he drinks with Tara and his friends

Have Guns - Will Haggle - Tara pours him a brandy at her flat; he is about to pour himself a brandy at her flat, but a phonecall distracts him

Look - (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers... - no alcohol for Steed

My Wildest Dream - a brandy at his flat; a bottle of Champagne with Tara at the end of the episode

Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40? - Steed is mixing an explosive cocktail; he and Tara share a bottle of Champagne at the end of the episode.

You'll Catch Your Death - Tara has a drink at Steed's flat; Steed shares a whisky with Mother; Tara drinks auntie Ermyntrude's remedy at the end of the episode.

All Done with Mirrors - Champagne orgy (four bottles) at the pool when Steed is under close arrest; wine and champagne at the dinner in the field for Tara.

Super Secret Cypher Snatch - no alcohol for Steed

Game - Steed has a brandy at his flat; a whisky at his flat after he had been knocked out ; he has a brandy on his Chesterfield; tea at the "battlefield" with the brigadier; he drinks a (drugged) brandy from a decanter.

False Witness - a whisky at Mother's bus; Steed has a coffee - black without sugar.or milk

Noon Doomsday - Steed and Tara share a bottle of Champagne at the secret ministry clinic; one of his presents for Tara at the end of the episode is a bottle of Champagne.

Legacy of Death - Tara brings a Magnum bottle of Champagne to Steed's flat - he drinks a glass - and he already has another one standing on the table: he empties some glasses with Gorky; Steed has with Tara the "world's most expensive drink" (the claret with the dissolved pearl); he has a bottle of Champagne with Tara after the spitfire flew out of his living room window.

They Keep Killing Steed - He brouht "Steed's bar" to his hotel room; one of the false Steeds drinks Champagne at the peace conference; Steed drinks a (bad) claret with his capturer Arcos; Tara and Steed have longdrinks at Tara's flat on the "beach"

Wish You Were Here - no alcohol for Steed

Killer - tomato juice with everything; Napeoleon brandy from the flask

The Rotters - He has a brandy at Mother's office.

The Interrogators - He has a brandy at Mother's office; champagne at the dinner with Tara at the end of the episode.

The Morning After - Steed drinks a brandy while watching TV at his flat at the end of the episode.

Love All -- no alcohol for Steed

Take Me To Your Leader - brandy from his flask

Stay Tuned - brandy at his flat; a brandy with Mother after Mother has returned.

Fog -  He pours a brandy at Tara's flat before Mother drives through her flat.

Who Was That Man I Saw You With? -  eight boxes with Champagne bottles (Meudon & Heim) inside at Steed's flat; the Champagne fountain in his flat - Steed and Tara start drinking it all.

Pandora - Steed pours Champagne for the dinner with Tara at his flat, but she's already been kidnapped; a glass of water for the aspirin stands on his coffee table

Thingumajig  - no alcohol for Steed

Homicide and Old Lace - no alcohol for Steed

Requiem - Steed has a bottle of Champagne at fort Steed with Miranda

Take-Over - Wine and coffee at the dinner with the Bassetts; a brandy in the evening

Bizarre -  Steed has a bottle of Champagne with Tara onboard the rocket. This is the last bottle of Champagne that he ever shared with Tara and the last one in the classic Avengers.
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Piers Johnson, webmaster of "Mrs Peel...we're needed"  invented a "Steed cocktail" and rules for a The Avengers drinking game
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