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- brandy at the club Le Stud; four brandy while drinking with Zalenko (vodka) at the beginning of the episode; he pours a brandy for Mrs. Gale after he liberated her; cognac at the final scene in Mrs. Gale's flat with Zalenko who drinks wodka - Steed is slightly drunk in the end.

Brief for Murder
- a brandy at the pub near the court; another brandy after the trial against Westcott; Indian tea at the office with the Larkin brothers; a brandy after he paid the Larkins.

The Nutshell - Tea and cakes with Cathy at his flat (Steed prefers Indian tea) it's a Hyderabad green tip tea with milk; he orders a white wine for dinner during the interrogation.

The Golden Fleece - rice wine at the restaurant, coffee and brandy at his flat with Cathy (first alcohol in his new flat) - he is a true gentleman and warms the brandy for Mrs. Gale.

Death à la Carte - there is wine on the table for the "dinner" that Umberto cooked for Cathy and Steed.

Man with Two Shadows - Sherry at Mrs. Gale's flat and Steed drinks a glass of water because it's very hot; he brings a bottle of milk to Mrs Gale's flat at the end of the episode.

Don't Look Behind You - A cup of coffee at Mrs. Gale's flat; late breakfast with tea or coffee at Sir Cavalier's house.

The Grandeur that was Rome -
first bottle of Champagne with Cathy Gale in series 3 at her flat

The Undertakers - a brandy (five stars Napoleon cognac); he has a cocktail with Cathy at her flat; a bottle of Champagne with Cathy at the end, Steed refills his glass four times and is slightly drunk in the end.

Death of a Batman - Steed is sitting at the coffee table with the family of his former batman after the funeral; he has a sherry in Lord Teale's office

Build a Better Mousetrap - a pint at the pub of the inn; he gets a cola from the motorcyclists; two brandy at the pub; a gin at the pub, a whisky (with a sleeping pill, he pours it at the plant)

November Five - no alcohol for Steed; Mrs Gale drinks brandy and wine at her dinner with the member of parliament

Second Sight - he cooks coffee and Mrs Gale has a brandy - no alcohol for Steed

The Secrets Broker - tastes a glass of claret and two glasses of white wine, rieslings, at the cellar of the wine shop; Steed does not like sweet Sauternes; he identifies a Chateau (Bellvue) La Forêt  '53 and a Château de Rayne-Vigneau later at the wine tasting; he orders half a dozen bottles of Chambertin '52 and half a dozen bottles of Lafite Rothschild claret; cognac is Steed's  "Waterloo";he has a sherry at Cathy's flat and bought an apricot liquer for her to tease her; when Waller's stock gets confiscated Steed "gets" a box of white wine, a Chateau Grillet '53.

The Gilded Cage - a Rosé or light Claret (?) for dinner at his flat with Cathy

The Medicine Men - a coffee for Cathy; Steed has breakfast (without Cathy) with coffee and toast  - no alcohol for Steed

The White Elephant - a brandy for Steed and Mrs Gale in his flat

Dressed to Kill - party with an alcohol orgy at his flat (Steed had to leave in the middle of it); cup of coffee for Mrs Gale in his flat; a lot of Champagne at the the party train, a bottle of Champagne -  1945 vintage, liberation of Paris - with Cathy Gale
at his flat.

The Wringer - tea (China?) with Mrs Gale at his flat; a cup of coffee with Hal Anderson; Steed has to drink a second cup of coffee, this time with thirty grains of chloral; coffee during the interrogation with Charles; several cups of coffee in the holding cell; another coffee with Hal; coffee mishap at Steed's flat;  no alcohol for Steed

The Little Wonders - a lemonade (?) at the school -  no alcohol for Steed

Mandrake - Indian tea gets mentioned by Steed; no alcohol for Steed

Trojan Horse - Steed has a sherry; Steed drinks right from a small bottle of Champagne at the stable.

The Outside-In Man -
last bottle of Champagne in 5 Westminster Mews with Carter, Mrs Gale and Steed

The Charmers -  a drink with Keller (gin?); whisky soda in his flat with Cathy; Steed pours Kim a drink at his flat;

Esprit De Corps - two whisky at General Bollinger's party; Cathy drinks a 25 years old whisky with General Bollinger; Steed gets a 1958 Champagne for his last meal - a very poor vintage.

Lobster Quadrille - Mrs Gale has a drink at Steed's flat, Steed has a two bottles of Champagne (very bad vintage) with Katie at the bar/restaurant at two rendezvous, when he's a third time there he does empty the bottle in the champagne bucket; he promisses Katie a "postponed" brandy.-
last Champagne of series 3 in this episode.
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