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The Town of No Return - Steed has coffee with creme (so far he always had it black and he announces in False Witness that he will drink it black in the future) at Mrs. Peel's flat; Indian tea with milk at the train; two large brandy with soda at the inn when they arrive at the town; a light claret for dinner at the inn; pussy footing Steed returns with a bottle of brandy (Courvoisier cognac) to Mrs Peel's room

The Murder Market
- Mrs. Peel has coffee at Steed's flat, they drink whisky at his flat; Steed drinks champagne at the cake testing;
first bottle of Champagne with Mrs Peel ever after his return to 4, Queen Anne's Court from the cake testing; he has put a bottle of champagne in the coffin for Mrs Peel.

The Master Minds -  he's pouring himself a whisky (Red Hackle de luxe Scotch Whiskey) at the bar in Sir Clive's house; a sherry at the parliament with the minister; a nightcup in a flask (brandy or whisky) in his room at the Ransack institute

Dial a Deadly Number - Steed makes tea at his flat; has a sherry with Boardman at his office; a sherry with Yuill at his office; he orders a coffee (Kenya with a dash) and a vodka when he meets Jago; first a martini at the Boardman's dinner party, then wine and brandy; at the wine tasting at the bank's cellar his palate gets tested - he drinks/tests a 1934 white wine, offers Mrs. Peel a Buis Blanc Fumy, sipps at a Château Latour '59; Château Lafite Rothschild premier cru 1909 from the northern vineyard; he's asking Mrs.  Boardman for another glass of the excellent brandy; drinks another bottle of Champagne with Mrs. Peel (after he used the cork as a weapon) at the bank's wine cellar; he drinks a Saint Perignon 1931 (not a good year for a Bordeaux) in the taxi (the bottles in the two boxes were obviously trophies from the bank's wine cellar).

Death at Bargain Prices - a whisky at Mrs. Peel's flat as a remedy for his black eye; he bought a bottle of claret for Mrs Peel and opens it when she's having lunch at home, he pours a glass for himself, but Mrs. Peel takes it.

Too Many Christmas Trees - in Steed's flat a coffee (black) after the first nightmare scene; Mrs. Peel spoils him and suggests they could "even have a bottle of Champagne"; two brandys at the first meeting with Storey; punch at the Christmas party; a nightcup with the sleeping pill, but Steed poured it all down the sink.

The Cybernauts - Steed has a whisky at his flat when his colleague Gilbert is around.

The Gravediggers - Mrs. Peel has a whisky at Steed's flat; Steed has wine for dinner on the "train", cognac and coffee after the dinner.

Room Without a View - Formosan (green) tea at John Watkins house; breakfast with coffee at the Chessman hotel; brandy in the hotel lounge, Mrs Peel has a cocktail/long drink; coffee and brandy for Steed with Pasold; Steed drinks a liquer when he gets the invitation for dinner with Chessman; wine, cognac and coffee during the dinner with Chessman.

The Surfeit of H2O - Steed tastes strange wine at the wine storage: an "Old Bark" wine, then a "sparkeling buttercup", he orders a bottle of buttercup and one of dagweed; he opens a bottle of Granny Gregson's marrow rum when he's leaving with Mrs Peel.

Two's a Crowd (Brodny has punch); Brandy at the bar where he meets Brodny; Brodny brings Steed a present to his flat - a bottle of brandy (it's VSOP Courvoisier cognac) Steed drinks it in a whisky glass; Steed as Webster drinks a two whisky and Champagne at the embassy.

Man-Eater of Surrey Green
- a brandy with Sir Petersen; Mrs. Peel has a pint at the pub.

Silent Dust - A "little rosé" at the boat with Mrs. Peel; a doubled brandy with soda at the pub; no shot of the "red eye" for him after the small surcery; before the hunting begins Steed fills his flask in the pub with whisky and takes a sip.

The Hour That Never Was - Steed and Mrs. Peel drink punch at "the party"; he drinks a brandy after he's can't find Mrs Peel; a frustated Steed throws the filled glass at the wall in the officer's mess; he has a second brandy when he arrives the second time at the officer's mess.

Castle De'ath - a cognac at the dinner with the De'ath family; coffee for breakfast; Steed has a sip (brandy/whisky) from his flask when he's fishing in the moat, Steed gets a drop of ale when he's captured

The Thirteenth Hole - Steed drinks a brandy with Mrs Gale at the club house; Mrs Peel and Steed share a bottle of Champagne in the tag scene.

Small Game For Big Hunter - He has a whisky with the colonel after "sundown". and coffee for breakfast with the colonel.

The Girl from Auntie - Steed has a brandy with Auntie.

Quick-Quick Slow Death - no alcohol for Steed

The Danger Makers - Steed is mixing a cocktail, I guess it's a whiskey sour, at Mrs Peel's flat; he drinks a brandy at the Danger Makers headquarters

A Touch of Brimstone - He drinks a sherry at Darcy's flat; a brandy with Darcy at the club; he drinks wine from a huge goblet at the Hellfire Club (at least a litre) and he asks for more; punch at the Hellfire night.

What the Butler Saw
- Steed/Major White rejects the brigadier's offer for a drink! He has a brandy (?) while talking with Mrs Peel at the club about Captain Miles and drinks Champagne with Mrs Peel in front of the fireplace.

The House That Jack Built - Mrs Peel makes coffee for Steed at his flat. - no alcohol for Steed

A Sense of History -  Steed drinks a coffee (2) an a brandy/whisky later at the covered wagon.

How to Succeed at....Murder - no alcohol for Steed

Honey For the Prince - Steed and Mrs Peel come home from a party they both are a bit tipsy; he has a drink (unknown) at the QQF; tea with prince Ali; unknown what he drinks at the dinner with prince Ali .

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