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The Fear Merchants - coffee for Steed and Mrs. Peel in the car; Steed is afraid that there is not a drop of Champagne in Mrs. Peel's flat, but to Steed's relief - she has a bottle at home.
(That would be the first bottle in series 5, but one don't see them drink).

Escape in Time - Steed is mixing a cocktail at his flat; he has a sherry (?) in the 18th century scenario

The Bird Who Know Too Much
- brandy during the lunch with Samatha; Steed drinks a bottle of Champagne during the pigeon watch at Mark's flat; he pours a glass of champagne for Mrs. Peel at her flat.

From Venus With Love - he pours Mrs Peel a sherry, fills a glass with beer, but don't intend to drink it - no alcohol for Steed

The See-Through Man -  no alcohol for Steed

The Winged Avenger
- Claret, brandy and champagne for dinner are on the serving trolley in Mrs. Peels's flat at the end of the episode.

The Living Dead
- He has a claret at the mansion of the Duke; a brandy stands in front of Steed at the pub when Hermit arrives.

The Hidden Tiger - Mrs. Peel drinks Champagne (alone) and Steed opens a bottle of Champagne (alone) while he is on watch.

The Correct Way to Kill
- Steed opens a bottle of claret at his flat for himself and Mrs. Peel, later Ivan gets a glass too.

Never, Never Say Die
- They share a bottle of Champagne at the end of the episode at Mrs. Peel's flat while watching TV.

Epic - no alcohol for Steed

The Superlative Seven
- Lots of Champagne for Steed on the plane and he shares a bottle (which was hidden in the teddy bear) at the end, a Meudon & Heim, with Mrs. Peel.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station - no alcohol for Steed

Something Nasty in the Nursery - a whisky at Lord Beaumont's home

The Joker - Mrs Peel pours him a whisky at his flat after he felt down the stairs, they share a bottle of Champagne at the end of the episode in his flat.

Who's Who??? - Basil - in Steed's body - drinks a lot of Champagne (four empty bottles at his flat and at least one at Mrs. Peel's flat).

Death's Door - Steed and Mrs Peel have coffee at his flat, you can only see a bottle of claret in the background on the worktop of the kitchen; breakfast (black coffee) with Mrs Peel at the hotel - no alcohol for Steed

Return of the Cybernauts - a cocktail at Beresford's home; there is a time and place for everything,  therefore Steed does not drink a second claret at Beresford home at the second visit; a whisky at his flat after the Cybernaut knocked him out.

Dead Man's Treasure - Steed and Mrs Peel share a bottle of Champagne, a Meudon & Heim, at 3 a.m.; Steed tests a non alcoholic beer, but it tastes like "Gin with Maserati"; (Mrs Peel gets a bottle of Champagne, a Laurent Perrier, as consolation price).

The £50000 Breakfast - coffee with Mrs Peel at his flat - no alcohol for Steed

You Just Have Been Murdered - a glass of Champagne at George Unwin's cocktail party, a brandy with Mrs Peel at his flat.

Murdersville - Steed, Paul Croft and Mrs Peel share a bottle of Champagne to celebrate Paul's return to England.
Champagne at the end of the episode: last bottle of champagne with Emma Peel in series 5

The Positive Negative Man - a sherry at Dr Creswell's home; Steed has a brandy at Mrs Peel's home after his car accident; another sherry at Dr Creswell's home at his second visit.

Mission...Highly Improbable -
no alcohol for Steed
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