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Series 2 episodes                           

Mission to Montreal - Steed (in disguise as a steward) pours out Mo√ęt & Chandon Champagne, but he's not allowed to drink it; but he drinks a brandy in King's cabin   

Dead on Course - two whisky; (Irish) coffee for breakfast

The Sell-Out - tea without sugar;  two whisky soda at  the party

Death Dispatch - Cuba libre at the pool;
first time a bottle of Champagne with Mrs Gale ever; one whiskey soda in the hotel room; wine in the bar

Propellant 23 - no alcohol for Steed

Mr Teddy Bear - no alcohol for Steed                          

The Decapod  - bottle of Champagne with Venus at her club; a second bottle of Champagne at the club.

Bullseye - no alcohol for Steed

The Removal Men - First he has a large cognac at the bar, later he gets a cocktail (martini?) mixed by Dragna's wife, cup of coffee - black - at Dragna's house; another cognac at the bar; a glass of Champagne before the final fight.

The Mauritius Penny - One get a look at Steed wine cabinet. Steed has a mouth wash at the dentist.

Death of a Great Dane - He pours himself a whiskey at Litoff's office (it's a Canadian Club Whisky by Hiram Walker). The wine lover Steed goes to a wine tasting session, later he gets served a wine by the butler Clover, a 1937, Clover thinks that Steed has got a palate in a million.

Death on the Rocks - a brandy or whisky for Mrs and Mr Steed; a whisky or brandy at their house party; salt water at Cathy's flat.

Traitor in Zebra - He starts with a large gin at his arrival, has a second gin at the social evening, a third one when he's playing billiard, a cup of coffee at the inn, a fourth gin the evening when Graham dies.

The Big Thinker
- a claret in Cathy's kitchen

Intercrime - no alcohol for Steed

Warlock - a large brandy at the pub when he meets One-Ten, a second large brandy at the pub when he's flirting with Murtle, a third large brandy when Cathy arrives, a brandy or a whisky at the pub at the end of the episode

Immortal Clay - A brandy with Cathy at the pub; when she's leaving, he orders another one - large.

Box of Tricks - Three or four brandy  at the bar where Venus is singing;

The Golden Eggs - coffee for the breakfasts with Mrs Gale; coffee when he opens the case with the eggs; no alcohol for Steed

School for Traitors - double scotch at the pub with One-Seven; a large scotch whiskey when he meets Venus at the pub; another scotch (?) with the professor at the pub

The White Dwarf - coffee at his flat; white wine at dinner with Cathy in his flat, a cognac with Cathy at his flat; a whisky (?) at the end of the episode with Cathy at his flat

Man in the Mirror - coffee black, he takes sugar, no alcohol for Steed

Conspiracy of Silence - no alcohol for Steed

A Chorus of Frogs - a brandy or whisky (?)

Six Hands Across a Table - no alcohol for Steed

Killer Whale - Tasting the sherry twice in Mrs Gale's new flat                                     
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