Steed's Cars - The Bentleys
"Do you know anyone who wants to buy a vintage Bentley a new two-tone in a shade of green and slightly singed?"
John Steed drove five different vintage Bentleys during season 4 - 6 of The Avengers.

The first time a Bentley appeared in The Master Minds.

Some Bentley chassis were made by Vanden Plas.

Steed calls his Bentley "Fido" (Two's a Crowd) or a "lady" (Too Many Christmas Trees). "Fido" can only be the 4,5 Litre from 1929, because Steed only drove that Bentley and the Vauxhall before Two's a Crowd.
4,5 Litre Bentley from 1929

Licence Plate: UW 4887

The Master Minds (first appearance)
Dial a Deadly Number (garage)
Too Many Christmas Trees
Room Without a View (last appearance)
3 Litre Bentley 1924
Vanden Plas Open bodied Tourer

Licence Plate: XR 6056

Man-Eater of Surrey Green (first appearance)
The Hour That Never Was (last appearance)
3 Litre Bentley 1925 Green Label,
Open Four Seater by Vanden Plas

Licence Plate: YK 6871

The Fear Merchants (only one appearance)
3 Litre Bentley from 1928

Licence Plate: YT 3942
(car also used with licence plate UW 4887)

Small Game for Big Hunters (no clear view on the licence plate;
car's first appearance)
The Danger Makers (with licence plate UW 4887)
A Touch of Brimstone (with licence plate UW 4887)
The House That Jack Built  (with licence plate UW 4887)
How To Succeed....At Murder (with licence plate UW 4887)

Series 5
Dead Man's Treasure (with licence plate UW 4887)

The Positive Negative Man
Mission... Highly Improbable

The Forget-Me-Knot
The Curious Case of the Countless Clues
Have Guns - Will Haggle

It also appears in in a 1965 flashback scene in
TNA 'K' is for Kill - The Tiger Awakes
(very last appearance)
6,5 Litre Bentley 1930

Licence Plate: RX 6180

From Venus With Love
Escape in Time
The See-Through Man
The Bird Who Knew Too Much
The Winged Avenger
The Living Dead
The Hidden Tiger
Something Nasty in the Nursery
The Joker
Who's Who???
Return of the Cybernauts
Death's Door
The £50,000 Breakfast
You Have Just Been Murdered (last appearance)
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The Bentley used in the end credits of series 4