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1925 Bentley 3 litre
According to Michael Richardson's book Bowler Hats and Kinky Boots. The Unofficial and Unauthorized  Guide to The Avengers, (2014) the Bentley was first registered in May 1925 and is since 2006 still registered in the UK.

The car was spotted on the parade of the London Lord Mayor's Show 2011.

And it was spotted in France in 2012.at the 46ème Rallye Paris - Deauville. And this is a very nice information, as John Steed spent his holiday in Deauville in Spring 1963 (The Nutshell).

Photostream with several photos on Flickr from the Ralley 2014

Vintage Bentley states the delivery date for July 1925, according to Vanden Plas the car was originally fitted with Body No. 1163 with a Sporting four-seater.

The car has only one appearance in series 5 episode The Fear Merchants.
1925 Bentley 3 litre Green Label,
Open Four Seater by Vanden Plas

Licence Plate: YK 6871
Chassis no.: 1102
Engine no: 1122
(engine no. in 2016: ML 1521)
Delivery: July 1925
First Owner: R. Miesegaes
Current owner in 2016: Maurice Avent
Steed's Bentleys
The car was last spotted during the 48th Rallye Paris-Deauville in France 2014.
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