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Series 4
Identity or Name
The Town of No Return
Steed is investigating the disappearance
of four agents in a small town at the coast.
Steed pretends to work for a group of
Property Developers looking for likely
building sites.
The Murder Market
Steed investigates a series of baffling
murders and infiltrates the marriage
bureau which is responsible for the
Steed is posing as a potential husband.
The Master Minds
Steed gets ordered to investigate why
distinguished members of the public are
suddenly commiting crimes and if their
minds are being controlled by someone.
Steed pretends to be a genuis while
infiltrating the Ransack organisation.
Dial a Deadly Number
Steed investigates why and how several
financial tycoons have been killed.
Steed pretends to be an investor.
Death at Bargain Prices
Steed has to find out how the Pinter's
emporium is involved in the murder of one
of his colleagues.
Steed is posing as an efficiency expert.
Too Many Christmas Trees
Top secret information have been leaked
out only tusted to Steed and a colleague,
who is found dead in a hotel room. Who is
trying to controll Steed's mind?
The Cybernauts
Several important executives have been
killed by a strange, superhuman killer.
Steed has to find out who is the murderer
and who's giving orders for the murders.
Steed is posing a journalist.
The Gravediggers
Steed investigates who's behind the
jamming of Britain's early radar warning
Room Without a View
Steed has to investigate the
disappearance of several high-ranking
British scientists, who have all been guest
of the Chessman Hotel.
Steed is posing as "Monsieur Gourmet".
The Surfeit of H2O
Has someone found a method to
manipulate the elements? Steed has to
find out if the Grannie Gregson's company
is involved.
Steed is posing as a vintner.
Two's a Crowd
Steed has to take care that an important
conference of the defence chief of the
NATO is not infiltrated by eastern agents.
Steed is posing as his own double
"Webster" to trick PSEV, a group of
Russian agents.
Man-Eater of Surrey Green
Steed has to fight against an extra-
terrestrial plant that is treathening
Silent Dust
A mysterious bird-die-off  in some parts of
the country alarms the Ministry. Steed gets
ordered to investigate the situation.
Steed pretends to be negotiating for some
land while talking to Omrod.
The Hour That Never Was
Steed has been invited to a closing down
party at Camp Hamlin and accidently he 
realises that a saboteur who'is using mind
controll and is intending to infiltrate British
Air Bases all over the world.
Castle De'Ath
Steed has to find out why a fellow agent
has been killed. He gets knowledge of a
group of criminals trying to corner the
market of fish and harming the British fish
Steed is posing as a historian, writing a
book about the 13 Liard of the De'ath
The Thirteenth Hole
The murder of a colleague leads Steed to
a Golf Club; Steed finds out that his fellow
agent was after a group of Soviet agents.
Steed is posing to be a member of the
Craigleigh Golf Club
Small Game For Big Hunter
A group of fanatics can not  accept the
loss of a Britsh colony. Steed finds out that
they have developed a dangerous new
form of a tsetse fly and that they are
planning mass murder in the former
Steed is posing a former Major who served
in  Kalaya.
The Girl from Auntie
Steed has to find out what has happened
to Mrs Peel while he has been on a
holiday and who is the woman pretending
to be Mrs.Peel?
Steed is pretending to be Mrs Peel's lover
and to be an art thief, and as Mr.Wayne
Peddyfeather ffitch
Quick-Quick Slow Death
What is going on at a harmless looking
dance school? Steed finds out that it gets
used to switch singles against foreign
Steed is posing as a bachelor who's
looking for a dance partner.
The Danger Makers
Steed is investigating why several high
ranking British officers killed themselves.
Steed is posing to be a member of "The
Danger Makers" using the codename
A Touch of Brimstone
Steed infiltrates a group of anarchists,
called the "Hellfire Club". He finds out that
they're intending to kill three foreign Prime
Ministers who are visiting London.
What the Butler Saw
Steed is investigating how top secret
military information is leaking out to the
Steed is posing as three different officers,
Navy Commander Red, Army Major White,
Squadron leader Blue and he is posing as
a butler.
The House That Jack Built
Steed tries to rescue Mrs Peel in time
after he finds out that she has been set up
by someone from her past.
A Sense of History
Steed investigates the murder of a
visionary economist who intended to
eliminate world poverty and is confronted
with a group of neo-fascists at the univerity
where the scientist had lectured.
Steed is posing as a former student of the
How to Succeed at....Murder
The Ministry orders Steed to investigate
the murder of ten business men.
Steed is pretending to be a businessman.
Honey For the Prince
Steed has to prevent the assasination of a
Middle Eastern Prince who has come to
London to sign an oil contract.
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