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Series 3

Identity or Name
Steed has to find out who is trying to
sabotage negotiations between the
Russian and the British government by
blackmailing a young Russian pianist.
Brief for Murder
How did two English attorneys win
acquittal for a traitor? Steed has to
become a cold-blooded murderer to bring
them down.
Steed/ codename "Johno"
The Nutshell
Steed has to find out how someone got
access to a top secret bunker and he has
to find the traitors behind this.
The Golden Fleece
A quarter million pounds worth of gold
was stolen. Steed has to find out how a
Chinese business man and several British
officers are involved.
Death à la Carte
Steed works undercover to prevent an
assassination on an Emir who has come
to London for medical check-up.
Steed takes the identity of a cook,
Sebastian Stone-Martin
Man with Two Shadows
Have British agents and politicians been
replaced by doubles? Steed has to risk
his life to find out what is going on in a
harmless looking holiday camp.
Steed/ Steed posing to be his double
Don't Look Behind You
Steed has to rescue Mrs Gale when he
has to realise that an old foe of them is
trying to kill Cathy, who believes that she
has been invited at the house of Sir
The Grandeur that was Rome
Alarming reports about  bad harvests,
brownfields and epidemic plagues in
Britain, Europe and Asia are concerning
the government. Steed is investigating if
"United Food and Dressing" and "World
Empire Party" are responsible.
Steed is posing to be an official of the
Ministry of Agriculture and pretending to
be an arts merchant.
The Undertakers
Accidently Steed comes across that a
group of millionaires is committing tax
fraud, after he has been ordered to
accompany a scientist to New York.
He is posing as a Mr Small, from Small
Blake and Somber, the "finest funeral
Death of a Batman
The former batman of Steed worked in a
printing company and in doing so he got 
information about confidential share
certificates. Steed has to find out how a
merchant banker, Lord Teale, took
advantage of this knowledge.
Build a Better Mousetrap
Work at a top secret atom research centre
is endangered by mysterious failures of
electronical and mechanical equipment.
Are two women, daughters of a former
famous scientist responsible for the
November Five
A nuclear warhead has disappeared,
politicians have been killed and the
government gets blackmailed. Steed finds
out that the bomb is supposed to explode
in London - under the Houses of
Second Sight
Steed is investigating diamond
The Secrets Broker
Steed is investigating the death of a
colleague and finds out that information
about a secret submarine radar system is
The Gilded Cage
Steed wants to arrest the criminal Spagge
pretending to plan a robbery of 3 million
pounds from a high-security wing.
The Medicine Men
Who are the criminals making big
business with imitates of British soaps,
cosmetics and patent medicines, some of
them even deadly, supposed to
destabilise relationships between Great
Britain and the Middle East?
Steed is pretending to be a wealthy art
collector from Rykejavik and as someone 
working for the Overseas Export Board
The White Elephant
Steed has to find out how ivory gets
smuggled to Britain, or the British
government will be in trouble at the next
UNSESCO meeting.
Steed pretending to be a collector of
vintage weapons
Dressed to Kill
Steed has to find out why early radar
warning stations in Britain got false
signals about a missile attack. Steed
travels to Cornwall to find the people
behind this.

The Wringer
Several agents working for the British
secret service have been killed and a
friend and fellow agent accuses Steed be
the traitor. Being sentenced to be a traitor
Steed is risking his life at the interrogation
centre trying to find out what's really going

The Little Wonders
Steed infiltrates a crime syndicate called
"Bibliotek", which is involed in all sorts of
Steed pretends to be Reverent Harbuttle,
Vicar of Mabote; Johnny the Horse
Steed is suspicious about the death of a
former colleague, Benson, and he is 
finding out that several people have been
murdered, including Benson.

Trojan Horse
Steed finds out that a harmless looking
racing stable is used by an organisation
that runs an assassination service.
Steed is posing as an official from the
Foreign Office
The Outside-In Man
Steed is responsible for the security of a
former British officer, who had become a
traitor and the target of a failed
assassination attempt by the British
government years ago. The man now
comes as a diplomat to London for arms
negotiations between his country and
The Charmers
Several agents of the other side have
been killed in London, but not by British
agents. Steed has to find out who is the
third party behind the assassinations.
Esprit De Corps
Steed has to prevent a coup d'etat.
Major Steed pretends to be writting a
history of Highlands regiments and that he
once served in the tank corps.
Lobster Quadrille
Steed is after a ring of drug smugglers
using a fishing business as their cover.
Steed is posing to be an official of the
ministry of agriculture and fisheries.
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