Steed's Superiors
"5" (Heron Carvic)
Square Root of Evil
Series 1
One-Ten (Douglas Muir) 
Diamond Cut Diamond
Ashes of Roses (Muir is not in the credits)
The Springers
Death on the Slipway
Tunnel of Fear
Kill the King
The Deadly Air
Mr Teddy Bear
The Removal Man (Steed calls him 110)
Immortal Clay
Series 1

Series 2
One-Fifteen (Eric Dodson)
Series 1
One-Twelve (Arthur Hewlett)
The Sell-Out
Series 2
One-Six (Michael Gover)
A Chorus of Frogs
Man in the Mirror
Series 2
One-Seven (Frederick Farley)
School for Traitors
Series 2
Quilpie (Ronald Radd)
Outside-In Man
Series 3
Charles (Paul Whitsun-Jones)
Man With Two Shadows
The Winger
Series 3
Mother (Patrick Newell)
The Forget-Me-Knot
You Will Catch Your Death
All Done With Mirrors
Super Secret Cypher Snatch
False Witness
Noon Doomsday
They Keep Killing Steed
Wish You Were Here
The Rotters
Take Me to Your Leader
Stay Tuned
Who Was That Man I Saw You With?
Homicide and Old Lace
Series 6
Father (Iris Russell)
Stay Tuned
Series 6
mentioned in Stay Tuned
Series 6
During the Emma Peel series it looks like Steed did not have direct superiors as he did in series 1 to 3 and series 6. Nevertheless he gets orders from The Ministry, or some officials of the ministry or ministers themselves such as in Silent Dust or The Master Minds.
In The New Avengers Steed's friend Thomas "Tommy" McKay seems to be in charge (TNA Hostage) of the department Steed is working for.
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'One of my -shall we say - olders and betters.'
(Steed in The Sell-Out)
Steed's Biography
Superiors from Series 1-6