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Mission to Montreal
Steed has to find out who has stolen a
microfilm containing information about an
early-warning system and he must prevent
that it falls in foreign agents hand.
Steed in disguise as a steward aboard a
luxury liner

on it's way to Canada
Dead on Course
Steed is investigating a suspicious crash
of a plane that was transporting an
enormous amount of bank notes.

The Sell Out
After the department got information about
a assasination attempt, Steed gets
ordered to guard Monsieur Roland, an
United Nations official, who's in London
for secret negotiations.

Death Dispatch
After a British courier has been murdered
in Jamaica Steed follows the murderer to

Jamaica,Lima, Bogota, Peru, Colombia,
Buenos Aires, Santiago
Propellant 23
Steed is in Marseille where he has to
take "a package", a bottle with top secret
new rocket fuel from a courier  to London.

Marseille, France
Mr Teddy Bear
Steed is ordered by One-Ten to find the
professional killer "Teddy Bear"who works
for the site that pays him best
The Decapod
Steed's assignment is to ensure the safety
of Yokob Borb, the president of a South-
East European republic, who is in London
for treaty negotiations.
Steed is investigating because British
weapons are being smuggeled abroad.
The Removal Man
Steed has to find out what organisation is
behind the murderer of a British politician.
Steed; Steed in disguise as a thief, who
becomes a member of a gang of killers; he
is also pretending to be a member of a film
production studio, a Mr. McGrath.

Riviera, France
Death of a Great Dane
Steed is after a gang of criminals that
smuggels huge sums of money out the
The Mauritus Penny
Steed has to bring down the leaders of a
facistic organisation which plans to take
over the country and bring down the
Death on the Rocks
An enormous number of illegal diamonds
are smuggeled to England and Steed has
to find out who's the head of the smuggler
Steed is posing as a diamond merchant
and as Cathy Gale's (Mrs Steed) husband.
Traitor in Zebra
When secrets are leaking out to the
enemy on HMS Zebra, Steed had to find
out who is behind the jamming of a device
that can track enemy missiles.
Steed in disguise as Commander Steed, a
naval psychiatrist.
The Big Thinker
After PLATO, a computer system
capable of interception hostile missiles,
has been sabotaged, Steed has to find
out who is the man behind this.
Steed is posing as a government official.
Steed is after the members of an
international crime syndicate called
Steed is posing as an arms
Steed investigates the mysterious death
of a scientist who has developed a new
fuel formula and he finds out that a black
magic circle is involved.
Immortal Clay
Steed has to find out if a factory owner
has really found a way to produce
unbreakable ceramic, which could be of
the utmost importance for science and
Steed is posing as an expert from the
Ceramic Research Centre.
Box of Trick
Steed has to find out how NATO secrets
have been leaked out and how former
General Sutherland is involved in this.
Steed is pretending to be a masseur.
The Golden Eggs
An experimental scientist has grown a
deadly new viral strain contained in two
gold-plated eggs. When the container is
stolen Steed has to find it before the fatal
container falls into enemies hands.
School for Traitors
Steed investigates the suicide of a
scientist and finds out that a political
organisation is blackmailing students of
an university to get hands on important
scientific research.
The White Dwarf
The government wants to keep secret, that
a White Dwarf could soon destroy earth.
But secrets have leaked out and Steed
has to find out who's responsible and why
huge amounts of stocks and shares are
sold by a group of business men.
Man in the Mirror
Steed is investigating the faked suicide of
a cypher expert.
Conspiracy of Silence
After an assassination on his life Steed is
after the Italian Mafia that is smuggling
drugs via London to Northamerica.
A Chorus of Frogs
Steed who is on holiday in Greece, has to
investigate a mysterious death of a diver,
who sometimes had worked for the
British. A Chinese agent is after a the
technology of a bathyscaphe which could
be of military importance.

Six Hands Across a Table
Steed finds out that a powerful group of
shipbuilders uses all means, inclusive
murder, to built a nuclear-powered liner
without a French participation in the
building of the ship.
Killer Whale
Steed is after criminals, owners of a
boxing ring, who're smuggling ambergris.
Finally Steed works as a secret agent. He must track down secret microfilms, unmasks traitors, uncovers conspiracies and protects important political people, he works on behalf of NATO and fights against the Mafia and weapons smugglers. He has to travel all over the world, working in France, Greece, the Caribbean and in South America, but most of the time he stayes in the United Kingdom. In later episodes however, we learn that he was also doing agents work in Eastern Europe, East Berlin or the Middle East during that period..
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