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The Avengers
Novels from series 1 to series 6
(English language)

Douglas Enefer

Douglas Enefer, The Avengers,  Manchester (Consul Books 787) 1963, Paperback, 126 pages

(This is the first The Avengers novel ever. It's featuring Cathy Gale)
Patrick Macnee & Peter Leslie

Patrick Macnee and Peter Leslie, Deadline, London 1965 (Hodder and Stoughton Ltd.)

Patrick Macnee and Peter Leslie, Dead Duck, 1966 (Hodder and Stoughton)
Reprinted in the UK by Titan books  in 1994 and in France by Huitieme Art (1995 & 1996)
John Garforth

UK, Panther books published four novels written by John Garforth featuring Emma Peel in 1967

John Garforth, The Floating Game, London 1967 (Panther Books 2175), 127pp
John Garforth, The Laugh Was on Lazarus, London 1967(Panther Books)
John Garforth, The Passing of Gloria Munday, London 1967 (Panther Books)
John Garforth, Heil Harris!, London 1967 (Panther Books)

The Missing Cases # 4:
It contains two stories:
Moonlight Express (pages 1-60)
by Geoff Barlow (the story features Steed and Emma Peel and is set in the mid 60's) and
The Spoil Sports (page 61-91)
(features a team-up of all Steed's female associates, who come out of retirement in 1993 to do battle once again with 90's style diabolical masterminds).
Keith Laumer and Norman Daniels

Berkley Medallion -with the authors Keith Laumer and Norman Daniels- continued publishing original novels of their own and reprinted all four of Garforth's former novels (= The Avengers # 1 -4).

Keith Laumer, The Afrit Affair (The Avengers # 5),1968, 128 pages - featuring Emma Peel and John Steed
Keith Laumer, The Drowned Queen (The Avengers # 6),1968 - featuring Tara King and John Steed
Keith Laumer, The Gold Bomb (The Avengers # 7) ,1968 - featuring Tara King and John Steed
Norman Daniels, The Magnetic Man (The Avengers # 8), 1968 - featuring Tara King and John Steed
Norman Daniels, Moon Express (The Avengers # 9) ,1969 - featuring Tara King and John Steed
Front Back
John Peel and Dave Rogers

John Peel & Dave Rogers, Too Many Targets, St.Martin's Press, New York 1990. - featuring John Steed, all of his partners and Mother
Fictional John Steed Biography
Tim Heald:
John Steed.An Authorised Biography. Volume 1. Jealous in Honour, London (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) 1977,
Hardcover, 197 pages, ISBN 0-297-77343-4
It's a fictional biography about a fictional character - in terrific idea in common to write such a book. It's also well written in general by Tim Heald - but unfortunately it's content hardly matches Avenger John Steed from the series.

The (fictional) biographer pretends that he first met Major Steed during a holiday in Carinthia at the W├Ârther See on 7 February 1952 when he was a boy of eight. He wrote the Steed biography as an adult many years later based on Steed's memories, on papers that Steed allowed him to examine, talks to Steed's numerous aunts and other relations "on both sides of the Atlantic", friends and a few enemies..

read a review here on former website Steedophilia

Reviewed in: Stay Tuned, Volume 2, Issue 3, page 23; according to information found in Stay Tuned Volume 1, Issue 4 the authors John Peel and Dave Rogers had plans for more than one new The Avengers novel: "We plan to write a whole series." (p.17)
According to an advertising in a supplement of the fanzine "On Target" the publication of four more "Missing cases" was planned.
It's unknown if the stories wre ever finished.
The New Girl in Town
In Which Steed Prefers Blondes
And Emma Sees Red

An Emma Peel and John Steed story, dateline 1967

The Hearts and Minds of Englishmen
In Which Steed Becomes A Switched-On Star
And Emma Pulls The Plug

An Emma Peel and John Steed story, dateline 1967

The Magical History Tour.
A More Congenial Spot

A Cathy Gale and John Steed story, dateline ?

Another story named
Holmes, Sweet Holmes

has a dateline in 1895
IIt looks like it was a Sherlock Holmes/ The Avengers
crossover story where Holmes met two visitors (John Steed and Emma Peel?) from the future.
Australian Novels

Geoff Barlow and Dave Rogers novels

Geoff Barlow
The Saga of Happy Valley
(Unauthorised, with character names changed to John Steade and Emma Peale. Sold only in Australia), Brisbane 1980, 112 pages - featuring John Steade and Emma Peale
The Missing Cases

Australian Novel Series: The Missing Cases, a special series of the Fanzine „On Target“ (later „Stay Tuned“)
It's a four volume fan fiction set produced in Australia but authorised.

The Missing Cases # 1:
The Weather Merchants

by Dave Rogers and Geoff Barlow, Archerfield (Queensland) 1989
The story features Steed and Emma Peel and is set in the mid 60's.
The Missing Cases # 2:
The Monster of the Moor
by Geoff Barlow , Archerfield (Queensland) 1990, 68 pages, illus., photos
The story features Steed and Emma Peel and is set in the mid 60's.
The Missing Cases # 3:
Before the Mast

by Geoff  Barlow & Desley Greensill (1991), Archerfield, 27 pages, illustrated by Peter J. Kershaw and Michael Felix
A Tara King/ John Steed short story, it was produced only in photocopied supplement format,
The book was reviewed by Stephen Curry in the fanzine 'With Umbrella, Charm and Bowler', Vol.1, #6 (1983), p.14
In 2018 Big Finish released an audiobook of this novel.