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The New Avengers novels
(english language)

The six novels follow the plots of The New Avengers episodes.

Peter Cave, The New Avengers 1: House of Cards, London (Futura Publications Ltd.) 1976, 160 pages

John Carter, The New Avengers 2: The Eagle's Nest, London (Futura) 1976, 190 pages

Walter Harris
, The New Avengers 3: To Catch a Rat,London  (Futura), 1977, 160 pages

Justin Cartwright,
The New Avengers 4: Fighting Men, London  (Futura), 1977, 159 pages *

Peter Cave, The New Avengers 5: The Cybernauts (but named Last of the Cybernauts on title page), London (Futura) 1977, 156 pages

Peter Cave, The New Avengers 6: Hostage, London (Futura), 1977, 139 pages
* The story of band 4 is based on the plot of TNA Episode Dirtier by the Dozen.

"This episode was novelised as Fighting Men by Justin Cartwright, the fourth novel in the series. This book appeared in Britain in two editions, a paperback from Futura Publications published in March 1977 and a hardcover from Arthur Barker issued on 2nd June 1977, and in paperback in the USA from Berkeley Medallion in 1978."
source: The Avengers Delcassified
Hardcover edition:
Justin Cartwright,
The New Avengers -  Fighting Men, London  (Arthur Baker) 1977, ISBN   978-0-213-16642-7
The US edition of the books was printed by publisher Berkley Book.