John Steed - Audio Books
Big Finish production (2014 - 2017)

In cooperation with STUDIOCANAL, the licence holder of The Avengers, BIG FINISH produced audio adaptations of 12 missing The Avengers series 1 episodes which had been recorded in 1961. Existing synopses, notes  and scripts, publicity pictures and snapshots made during the production were used to produce the audio adaption.

The Avengers
The Lost Episodes
Seven volumes (2014 - 2017)

Anthony Howell as Dr David Keel
Julian Wadham
as John Steed

Big Finish also produced an adaption of several comic strips, originally published in the teen magazine Diana.

The Avengers
Steed and Mrs Peel
The Comic Strips
Eight vintage stories from the Diana comics

Two volumes (2016)

Julian Wadham as John Steed
Olivia Poulet as Emma Peel
Volume seven of the production
Cover: Big Finish
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Cover: Big Finish
Big Finish also released a reprint of the eight comic strips.