Steed's Cars - Damaged Cars
1. The Hour That Never Was: Steed avoids a collision with a dog but hits a tree. After that "the old girl" needed "some lifting tackle."

2. The House That Jack Built: Steed breaks with the car through a fence when he is looking for Mrs. Peel. The left headlight is damaged afterward, and all tires of the Bentley are flat because Steed drives over a barrier.

3. The Living Dead: Mrs. Peel is working on Steed's car. Maybe she's making an auto inspection for Steed but only found a ghost in the engine.

4. Something Nasty iIn The Nursery - eight bullet holes in Steed front-shield fired by fake Nanny Roberts at Steed's Bentley.

5. Death's Door: Steed breaks are not working, and the agent prevents a collision with another vehicle by driving the Bentley to the shrubbery. He breaks through a fence, and the front of the car gets damaged.

6. Dead Man's Treasure: The front shield the car shield gets damaged by a bullet.

7. The Positive Negative Man: An electromagnetic pulse damaged the dashboard of the Bentley. As he can see nothing through the smoke, Steed steers the car into a pond to prevent a severe accident.

8. The Curious Case of the Countless Clues: The engine of the Bentley was sabotaged. Steed unsuccessfully tried to start the car with a winch.

The Rolls Royce had two accidents:

1. Super Secret Cypher Snatch: The front shield of the car was destroyed by a latter when the villains tried to decapitate Steed.

2. Stay Tuned: Sally, a young lady, scraped her Italian car against his Rolly Royce in Fitzherbert Street.

The TNA Jaguar and Rovers

Someone shoots at the car tires of the Range Rover in The Tale Of The Big Why.
The yellow Rover got flat tires in Medium Rare.
Purdey shoots at the tires of Steed's Range Rover in Obsession.
Obsession: Steed drives his Range Rover about the rocket ramp to prevent the rocket launch which results in the destruction of the car.

Tara's Lotus:

After having been brainwashed Steed deliberately attempted to wreck Tara's Lotus in Stay Tuned when he heard the word "Bacchus". .
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Steed's Bentleys was damaged or had accidents several times