The Patmobil -
Patrick Macnee's Car in The Avengers
One of Patrick Macnee's private cars was a green Jaguar Sedan "S" type".
"When it debuted in October 1963 it was an object of desire, becoming the transport of choice for such stars as Patrick MacNee, Tom Jones and Simon Dee”.

„In private life, Macnee drove around town in a green „S“ type Jaguar sedan when he did The Avengers. „It’s powerful but smooth enough to be comfortable without nearly as flashy as the Rolls."
In: Tuscaloosa News 4.10.1968

A bit more negative sounding notice was: "I don’t enjoy driving. I do run a Jaguar „S“ type, but I hate it and often lend it to my friends. As for driving in the tiny sports cars used in the series, it frightens me to death".
In: Schenectady Gazette 9.11.1968

His car is in episodes of The Avengers on locations or parked in front of studio buildings.
License Plate: DUU 167C
Man-Eater of Surrey Green
How to Murder in the background
Patrick Macnee and his Jaguar
Dashboard Jaguar Sedan S Type
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