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The Avengers in Colour
John Steed & Emma Peel Deluxe Talking Action Figures

Product Enterprise Ltd.

Year: 2005

Size of figures: 12"
Photo -  Flickr user MiskatonicNick
The website mctoys.com reviewed the action figures set. They also offer some high quality photos of the figures.
John Steed figure high resolution photos from Flickr user Jons thousand words
Photo1, Photo 2

John Steed is dressed in a black suit (without a waistcoat) wearing a light blue tie and a red carnation, black Chelsea boots and a black bowler hat; the set also contains a black umbrella (with a brolly sword). The Steed doll looks a lot like Patrick Macnee.
Emma Peel's clothing is a blue catsuit with matching shoes and old England watch.

Some fans, however, enjoy to go to Steed's tailor and redress Steed with a three-piece suit, different ties or a rose instead of a carnation.
John Steed -
action figures and dolls
front, back and bottom of the box
inside of the box
If you would like to have a reunion of John Steed with his partner MrsGale: There also is a very good Mrs Cathy Gale action figure available.
The Cathy figure above not from an official The Avengers set,  but from the James Bond 40th anniversary Goldfinger set.
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