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John Steed action figure
This is a John Steed action figure which I made myself using different parts that I bought at the internet.
The head is made of Resin. I bought it at the internet and had it painted afterwards. Adjusting it to the body is a bit tricky but right now I'm using foamed plastic material to fix it on the neck of the action figure.

Actually Steed's body is a Phicen M33 figure, but for the photos here used a 1/6 scale seamless Jiaou Doll , which is quite similar to the Phicen M31. But the M33's shoulders are broader and match Steed's shoulders better than this, but I had trouble with the head piece on the M33. As you can see Steed got rid of his little Champagne tummy and looks quite fit.

Steed's dark gray three piece suit is made by PopToys. The set also includes the shirt, shoes and a black tie.