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The Avengers in Colour
John Steed & Emma Peel Deluxe Talking Action Figures

Product Enterprise Ltd.

Year: 2005

Size of figures: 12"
Photo -  Flickr user MiskatonicNick
The website mctoys.com reviewed the action figures set. They also offer some high quality photos of the figures.
Rewiew on the website Ulimatesoldier.net with many good photos.
John Steed figure high resolution photos from Flickr user Jons thousand words
Photo1, Photo 2

John Steed marionette puppet

Video about the moving and talking John Steed puppet

The Avengers
Action Figures with Style

Product Enterprise Ltd.

Year:  2002

John Steed & Emma Peel figures
Size of figures: 12"
John Steed wears a grey suit (without a waist coat) with a light blue tie and a red carnation, grey shoes and a grey bowler hat; the set also contains a grey umbrella.

Emma Peel's clothing is a black leather cat suit with matching boots.
Juniper figure
Film and TV Stars: Patrick McNee

Year: 1998

Limited: 3000 produced

Size: 1:6
Patrick Macnee (mispelled as McNee) dressed as John Steed in a grey suit with matching bowler hat and brolly.
Crafted in PU resin, ready to be painted.


Photo 1; Photo 2, Photo 3 by CCaroli

Photo 4 by sparkvark007

Photo 5 on website Sci-Fi Scotland
John Steed has dressed a black suit (without a waistcoat) wearing a light blue tie and a red carnation, black shoes and a black bowler hat; the set also contains a black umbrella (with a brolly sword). The Steed doll looks a lot like Patrick Macnee.
Emma Peel's clothing is a blue catsuit with matching shoes.

Some fans, however, enjoy to go to Steed's tailor and redress Steed with a three-piece suit, different ties or a rose instead of a carnation.
Photo: Bootsandbowlers.tumblr.com
John Steed -
action figures and dolls
The New Avengers Steed doll
made in South Africa
by Fun World

Information on website

Age of Elegance Fine Art Productions
John Steed figure
by Marcus Quincey (1994)

8 4/5 inches  cold-cast porcelain statue
on a wooden base

Three Steed figures were supposed to be made, but only two got produced..
1. Steed in beige sporting trousers and dark jacket with coat wearing a bowler and umbrella,
brown Chelsea boots with a Cathy Gale figure
2.Steed in grey suit and bowler, matching umbrella with a Emma Peel figure
Photo: www.megomuseum.com
Photos 1, Photos 2
Head from the Juniper set
found on Pinterest