Steed's Cars - Alvis Speed
Alvis Speed 25 Tourer
(2 doors)

License Plate: CPT 75

The car appeared just once, in series 2 episode
Traitor in Zebra.

It is Steed's only vintage car in series 2 of The Avengers.

Despatch date of the car: 14 June 1937

Engine number: 14847

Car number:18756

Chassis number: 14384

Chassis builder: Cross & Ellis

Body number: 31014


First owner:?

Information on:

Alvis speed 25 Tourer; more photos on the site of Powerful cars
photo above after:
Unfortunately the colour of Steed's car is unknown, but there obviously existed several different tones of the Alvis.

- British Racing Green combined with beige leather seats
- British Racing Green combined with trim colour red
- Dark Blue body colour with grey trim colour

Also two tone cars:

Two tone red over maroon (trim colour?)
Two tone cream over maroon (trim colour?)

I would exclude the version British Racing Green combined with trim colour red for Steed's car in Traitor in Zebra, because his car's leather seats look light (in black and white) compared to red seats on photos changed to black and white.
Another Alvis vehicle appeared in series 6 episode "Mission...Highly Improbable", the shrinked tank (with the mini Steed inside) is an Alvis Saracen 1952 FV 603.