for John Steed: The Medicine Men, Brief for Murder, The Little Wonders, The
Curious Case of the Countless Clues, Death of a Batman, TNA The Last of the
Cybernauts...??, The Forget-Me-Knot
There's a mantlepiece in each of Steed's flats except the first one. But only one  
mantlepiece works - the one in his second flat at 5 Westminster Mews (Death of a  
Batman, The Golden Fleece)
Steed is posing six times to be married or have been married.

'I'm married you know. She does not understand me, but she has money" Please  
Don't Feed the Animals (p.109 in The Curious Case of the Missing Episodes)

In The Springers Steed poses as a widowed naval Commander, and as a father   
searching for a finishing school for his daughter Melanie.

The only episode with a Mrs. Steed (Mrs. Gale as Steed’s wife) and the only  
episode, in which Cathy Gale calls Steed by his Christian name John - the first and  
the last time in all episodes -  is Death on the Rocks.

He's married to his second wife Tara King in Invasion of the Earthmen and he has  
a son from his first wife.


Mrs. Peel reminds him of their "marriage" and four children in Murdersville.

But Steed is only married to his job. "Did I ever tell you about my marriage, my one  
and only marriage. I married a job, I married a profession. I’ve been very faithful".  
(House of Cards).

But some people think that Steed is married.

Kim thinks that Steed is married to Cathy Gale. "You must be Mrs. Steed!" (The  

Mother and Father       
...were Steed’s and Tara King’s superiors.  

“Mother” (Patrick Newell) used a wheelchair and “Father” (Iris Russell) was a blind  
woman, who appeared only one time in the episode Stay Tuned, while “Mother”  
was introduced in The Forget-Me-Knot, the last episode with Emma Peel and the  
first one with Tara King.
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