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Bacchus/ Bacchanalia
Bacchus/Bacchanalia appears a few times. It is the trigger word used as part of  
Steed's conditioning in Stay Tuned. The second he hears the word he is going to  
kill Mother. Steed used the name as the society codename in The Danger Makers.  
And a picture above Mrs. Peel bar in her first flat shows an ancient Bacchanalia.  
"Hello Bruno, that's what you call a bacchanalia?" Steed asked in The Grandeur  
that Was Rome.
John Steed's banker is Lord Maxted (You Have Just Been Murdered)
Battle of Balaclava 1854
Hopkirk to Steed: “Might I suggest an intrepid trapper…a Cavalryman at Balaclava  
riding into the Valley of Death”. (Honey for the Prince)
That’s the painting above Steed’s mantlepiece in his fourth flat: The charge of the  
Light Brigade in the battle at Balaclava.
Battery shaver
Steed is using a Philips Philishave battery shaver with two rotary heads from 1967  
in Too Many Christmas Trees.
The commercial slogan was: "For the man on the moon" - quite Bizarre!
"I hate to see a good beer go into orbit". (Quick-Quick Slow Death)

He has a pint at the inn in Built a Better Mousetrap, it's his first beer in series 2-6.
The prisoner Steed gets a drop of ale in Castle De'ath. Steed's lunchtime  
refreshment was supposed to be a beer in Quick-Quick Slow Death; he would like  
to have a pint of beer in TNA Angels of Death, and is has a sip of beer in TNA  
Sleeper as beer is for the thirst and wine is for the soul. Steed also talked about  
beer in K is for Kill - The Tiger Awakes.
Berlin the front town of the Cold War gets mentioned several times.

"Berlin is the capital town of Germany" (Obsession)
"Because of Berlin..." (Obsession)
Also in: Don't Look Behind You and The Joker, Split!, TNA Dead Men are  
Birthday Cakes
Steed gets two Birthday Cakes during the Avengers, both in TNA The Last of the  
Steed gets blindfolded several times: The Wringer, The Living Dead, Esprit de  
Corps, Escape in Time
There're several bookshelves in each of Steed's flats or his mansion and his  
reading in a few books during the series.  

Steed is reading "Great disappearing acts" in The Town of no Return. In The  
Rotters Steed is lying on the sofa reading a book while Tara is cooking in the  
kitchen. He's reading a book about fishing at the train in A Funny Thing  Happened  
on the Way to the Station, and a book about Ventriloquism at the end of How to  
Succeed...At Murder. A book can be seen on his bed stand in Too Many  
Christmas Trees and he's reading a book for boys about astronomy in The Golden  
Eggs, furthermore in the Encyclopaedia Britannica in Killer Whale, he's reading in a  
book from Marcel Proust which he had lent to Hal Anderson in The Wringer and  
several Tintin comic books.
Steed is taking the bus and follows Henry in How to Succeed at....Murder to the  
graveyard. Steed meets Mother for a briefing in a red bus in False Witness
white ones in: The Undertakers, The Frighteners, The Sell-Out, Room Without a  
View, The Murder Market
red ones in: Two's a Crowd (2x), TNA Obsession, Stay Tuned intro season 5.
Steed had several "children", none of them a real one.
The Springers: Melanie
Murdersville: Albert, Julian, Gordon and baby Brian
Invasion of the Earthmen: Aubrey Neville, little boy of 18
Christmas time in Steed's flat in Dressed to Kill, series 3 and Too Many Christmas
Trees, series 4 and a  third time Christmas is celebrated in February in Take-Over
at the Bassett's house.
Steed is a member of one or several clubs. Mrs Gale tried to call him at his club in
The Medicine Men and he mentioned to Kate that he's a member of several clubs
in Lobster Quadrille. It's also mentioned in Look - (Stop Me If You've Heard this
One) But There Were These Two Fellers...and in Fog.
Cleaning lady/ Charlady
Three women take care (or get mentioned) of Steed's flats or his mansion in The
Mauritius Penny (Elsie), Mrs Weir in TNA The Last of the Cybernauts...?? and Mrs
Peel is referring to a cleaning lady in series 5 episode A Funny Thing Happened
on the Way to the Station...A charlady is also mentioned in The Tale of the Big
Steed has different (more or less serious) codenames. Bacchus, New Doberman
and Cat Eye Steed (during the war).
Steed takes it black in The Removal Men but with sugar in other episodes.
Coffee pot
John Steed is using different Russell and Hobbs coffee pots: series 3, series 4,
series 5/6
for Steed in The Undertakers and TNA Dead Men Are Dangerous
more coffins in: The Murder Market for Mrs Peel, in TNA Hostage for Purdey, in
The Grandeur That Was Rome (Steed hiding in a coffin), The Gravediggers,
Bizarre, TNA House of Cards
Christian name "John"
Steed is rarely called by his Christian name, it happens only a only a few times:  
Mother in The Forget-Me-Knot, Mrs Gale posing as his wife in Death on the Rocks,  
the Lille girl in The Medicine Men, his "girlfriend" in Brief for Murder, Mrs Peel in  
Murdersville, his friend Bill and his wife in Take-Over, Hal Anderson in The Wringer  
and Mark Clifford in TNA Faces, Mark Grayford in Dead Men Are Dangerous. He  
said to Lovejoy in The Murder Market his name was Jonathan.
Mrs Peel also called him John: Sir John Steed  in A Funny Thing Happened On  
The Way to The Station.
Combing Steed
It's strange, but Steed is doing this only one time in Two's a Crowd, when posing as
Dancing Steed
With Venus in Man in The Mirror and The Decapod, never with Cathy but dancing
on the houseparty of the Steeds in Death on The Rocks, Quick-Quick Slow Death
with Mrs Peel and the trainer, Too Many Christmas Trees with Mrs Peel, dancing in
Castle De'ath
Steed had several Doppelganger during The Avengers. The first one in Man With  
Two Shadows had trained five years to become John Steed, but he was killed by  
Steed when he tried to murder the agent.
Same thing happens to Steed's double in TNA Faces. There're several doubles in  
They Keep Killing Steed, they all look like Steed, but the voices do not match. All  
get killed or die due to false medication. Steed's robot double was rejected,  
because it was not perfect in Never, Never Say Die.
Steed's double in Two's a Crowd wasn't one, because Steed played Webster to  
defeat the Russian spies.
Steed is about to be executed twice. First time by a firing squad in Esprit de Corps
and the second time in The Living Dead.
John Steed is going to three funerals: Mrs Peel's faked one in The Murder Market,  
Benson's funeral in Mandrake and to the funeral of his former batman in Death of a  
Steed throws grenades two times: The Danger Makers - it destroys "old bucket"
and the second time in TNA K is for Kill - The Tiger Awakes. He also found some
grenades in episode The Golden Fleece in a storage room.