Steed's Cars -Triumph Herald
This is the car, which Steed drove only once, during episode Warlock.

It's hard to even identify the car in the episode. It's a two-door car; there were different chassis built. Steed arrives with it at Gallion's bookshop to break in there.

License plate: 7061-MK

This photo shows a red Triumph Herald from 1961. And it’s a funny picture too, as the car appears in one of the Tintin et Milou books and John Steed is a great fan of the clever little fellow. He was reading Tintin et Milou comic book in four Avengers episodes.

This is a Triumph coupe.
It is one of a light colour, maybe a beige one like this one.
Advertising for the Triumph.
Steed drove a family car! Nice!
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