TNA Steed's Cars
TNA  Rover
Well, Steed may be an excellent driver (as seen in Invasion of the Earthmen and Death's Door), but he isn't quite good in parking his car.
2. 1971 Range Rover, with license plate TXC 922 J.

John Steed's green 1971 Range Rover in Target!
Steed destroyed the car on purpose to prevent the launch of a rocket in Obsession.
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1. A yellow Rover 3500 SD1

Automatic with the license plate MOC 229 P.
First registration date of the car was 22 April 1976.
It's the first car of Steed that appears in The New Avengers in The Eagle's Nest.
Date of the first registration of the car was 01 May 1971, it appeared 1976 in a TNA episode.