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The Avengers stories in Annuals
The Avengers Annual
Thames Television Ltd. 1968
Publisher: Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co.

author: Peter Leslie?

All the Fun of the Fair, Mr.Steed
p. 20 - 27

Mensa Sana, and All That
p. 48 - 53

Avast there, Mr Steed...
p. 58 - 65

The Avengers Annual
ABC Television Film 1969
Publisher: Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co.


Don't Go down the Mine, Dad (Mother is already there)
p. 18 - 25

Come on in, the Water's Deadly
p. 46 - 54

What's a Ghoul Like You Doing in a Place Like This?
by Peter Leslie
p. 58 - 66
(The short story was also published in The Television Crimebusters Omnibus, Orion Books 1994)
TV Comic Annual
Publisher: Polystyle Publication (published 1969)

author ?

The Avengers in Fableland,
(with some of Lewis Carroll's characters)
p. 49 - 54
The New Avengers Annual
Publisher: Brown Watson 1977
Printed in Holland


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Palace
(3,5 pages text only, 6 pages with illustrations)

What a Lousy Way to Run a Business
(3,5 pages Text only, 5 pages with illustrations)

Go and Grin Somewhere Else!
(3 pages text only, 7 pages with illustrations)

The Avengers Annual
Thames Television Ltd. 1967
Publisher: Souvenir Press in association with
Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co.

Stories by Peter Leslie

Double Trouble
p. 24 - 29
Peter Leslie was the co-author of the Patrick Macnee novels
Dead Duck
and Deadline
The New Avengers Annual
Publisher: Brown Watson 1978
Printed in Holland

Steve Moore

The Gambit Gambit
(5 pages, including illustrations)

A Fluid Situation
(5 pages, including illustrations)

Steve Moore also wrote another, story "Diamonds Are Evil", it was not published in the annual, but later published in the fanzine 'Stay Tuned, vol.3, # 10, July 1999, 6 pages
cover art: Walter Howarth
cover art: Walter Howarth
It's very likely that Peter Leslie wrote all stories for the annuals.
A Race Against Time!
p. 41 - 48
Sunset in the East
p. 53 - 60
A Question of Intelligence
p. 81 - 88