Steed and Women
An interesting setting that Steed tells Purdey in Dead Men are Dangerous.

It asks only whether he emphasizes thereby more the "always", the "leaving", or the "laughter", because one thing is clear: "Johnny the horse" is not a man for a solid bond.

Unlike many of his colleagues, John Steed is not married and has no lasting relationships.

But undoubtedly Steed loves women very much and vice versa. He takes each opportunity to flirt with women, and his views on certain female body parts are more than obvious.

This makes clear that a lot of testosterone flows through Steed's body.

1. Steed and his female partners

What did Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman sing on the B-Site of "Kinky Boots"?

"It's clear that romance for us would very swiftly let's agree to keep it nice and friendly..."

It is clearly evident that he apparently would like to have closer contact with Mrs. Gale than she allows and there is constant sexual tension between them. But Steed regrets that she is not interested in him. Therefore he always tries to annoy her when he rubs against her, standing too close to her or makes lewd gestures and comments.

Their relationship relaxes towards the end of their collaboration, where Steed and Cathy have become close friends who respect and trust each other completely. This allows Steed finally also to make her relatively intimate gifts, for example, the bathing suit in the last episode Lobster Quadrille or the Christmas gift that Cathy keeps in her bedroom.

The relationship with Mrs. Peel is much more relaxed. It reminds you of an old couple who know each other inside out, but who nevertheless have ever lost each other's interest. At the beginning of their collaboration Steed is clearly still interested in other women, but after the episode Castle De'Ath their relationship has changed significantly. While there are never any pieces of evidence that Steed and Mrs. Peel are intimate, but on the other hand, the signs are clear: a man who enters the bedroom of a woman without knocking or clearly comes out of this, two people drinking from the same glass ...

However, the part of The Avengers fans, known as "Seddis" (Steed and Emma definitely did it) is already convinced that the Steed and Emma share more than Champagne.
Fractions of a second after Mrs. Gale told Steed in Lobster Quadrille that she is no longer working with him, he already calls the next woman. As Mrs. Peel leaves him because her believed dead husband has reappeared, Steed is close to tears in The Forget-Me-Knot.

Regardless of the fact that Tara is the only professional agent of Steed's partners, he treats her differently than Cathy Gale and Emma Peel. Tara is still quite green behind the ears and needs to learn a lot about the activities of agents. It is obvious she has a crush on Steed, he seems to be a bit interested in her too, but she is still treated differently than Mrs. Peel or Cathy Gale.

2. Steed's "girlfriends" in series one to series six.

Girlfriend is perhaps the wrong term since many of the women are apparently for Steed nothing more than a one-night stand.

He lends his Rolls Royce to a woman, but does not remember her name the next day.

"What about the Rolls?".
"I lent it to a friend."
"What's her name?"
"I forgot to ask." (Toy Trap)

Apparently, he was busy with other things.

He flirts with the girl at the pool in Death Dispatch and obviously spends the night with her since she leaves her lipstick in his room, and he confirms to Cathy that she was "very round". He also flirts with the barmaid Myrtle in Warlock, and his goal was not difficult to see; he looks the whole time of the woman's butt and checks out the secretary's breasts in The Murder Market. He looks shamelessly at the associate in the broker's office in a Dial a Deadly Number from the head to the breast. A more charming Steed can be seen at the Cheese shop in Death at Bargain Prices. He knows how to impress a woman by pretending to cook and invites her indirectly for dinner.  Charmless but determined is his statement to Mrs. Boardman in Dial a Deadly Number when he says that he appreciates a woman with a past and "the hope that history repeats itself." Ugh!

Lady Cynthia from Death of a Batman is quite sure a woman for what Steed, referring to blonde Helga, called in TNA To Catch a Rat the "basics", but Lady Cynthia is more after him than the other way around.

Steed apparently always has the same method on a date, and even Mrs. Gale knows it:

Steed: "A few quite glasses of Champagne then on a little dinner at my Club".
Cathy: "Surely a small diversion over Richmond Hill to look at the River."
Steed: "Do you think, she will like that?"
Cathy: "Have the others?
Steed: "Depend on the lass".

It is not quite clear whether he wants only information from Katie or if he is really interested in her. In any case, he does not use the opportunity to kiss her when she falls on his couch in Lobster Quadrille.

And then there is Judy from Mandrake, the "prettiest cracker in the shop". I guess it's the only time when he's really interested in a woman. Of course, he also wants some information about her employer in Mandrake, but the way he's talking to her reminds a bit of the relationship between Steed and Emma Peel. He enjoys her company, and invites her to dinner. When he has to cancel the date, he's really sorry.
„I have a motto with women: Always leave them laughing“.
Steed and Judy