Steed's bedroom as seen in Intercrime.
His large bedroom is a modern furnished room, sober, with a large single bed, completely different from the Recency or Edwardian style of his later bedroom in series 4,  in the backround of the room there is also a low chest of drawers a a plastic chair.
unidentified picture right to the bed
The picture left to his bedroom door shows a religious scene, a sculpture of Christ and John, maybe a photo of the famous German sculpture from Sigmaringen.
Two of the pictures from inside Steed's bedroom appear in School for Traitors in the pub.
Series 2: Steed has a very special taste in pajamas...because this one has to be one of Steed's!
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John Steed's Flat - No.1
5 Westminster Mews, S.W.1- Bedroom