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Steed's Brolly - Special equipment
John Steed does not have a wrist watch with a laser beam or a circular saw, nor does he have a jet pack and normally John Steed is an agent who does not need such gimmicks, but some of his brollies have a few high functional additions. Under normal circumstances Steed does not need these anyway, but from time to time he has to use the equipment. Such technical devices seem to be very popular amongst spies as similar ones were used by agents in The Charmers.

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1. The camera

Sometimes Steed has to secretly photograph, which is especially difficult when someone is in the same room. In such a case, he uses his brolly camera. Normally Steed used conventional miniature cameras
to photograph classified material.
2. Recording device

The handle of this special brolly of Steed hids a recording device, to leave a message for himself or one of his partners. Steed can record, play forwards and backwards using two buttons, a red one and a green one, it also has a mono speaker.
The Cybernauts
Used one time during the Avengers in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station.
3. The gas trigger

Steed can press a button at the handle of the brolly which releases sleeping gas from the tip of the brolly.
Used one time in Escape in Time

Steed's brolly got shrinked once in Mission Highly... Improbable!
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John Steed's Fashion
4. Brolly with hidden compartments which consealed maps, sextant and compass

This version of the brolly never appeared in the known series, but it's mentioned in Meet The Avengers, Star Special 15
5. Secret scaling ladder

The Avengers Annual 1968 (page 29) offers information about "Hidden Helps" such as another special brolly equipment: a scaling ladder.
"Yet another brolly is merely a false case for a scaling ladder similar to those carried by mountaineers."

It never appeared in the series.