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Brolly and Bowler fighting techniques
Steed used the brolly several times during fights in series three - a few examples:

1. Concerto: at 20:34 he used the brolly (first fight ever?) as an extension of his arm to put back a curtain, behind which an opponent hit and knocked him out with a brolly blow in the stomach and into the pit afterward. At 26:50 Steed hit an opponent at the club with a punch in the back and pulled his leg away, causing him to stumble.

2. The Grandeur that was Rome: Steed used his short umbrella sword in the final fighting scene.

3. The Undertakers: at 41:42 he's blocking the attacker and sets several blows on arms, back and upper body of his opponent who was careless enough to attack Steed without a weapon.

4. The White Elephant: After a knife attack Steed used his brolly to defend himself, but is not able to disarm the attacker with the brolly.

5. Mandrake: 45:13 young Benson attacks Steed with a knife, gets disarmed by Steed, and he presses the brolly against Benson's throat.

6. The Charmers: Steed is using a brolly (not his own) during a fight at the Charmers school. He picks up a brolly from then bottom when he get's attacked with a blade. He opens the brolly and presses his opponent against the wall, then knocks him out.
Selection of The Steed Brolly and Bowler Fighting Techniques
1. Throwing the brolly:

A very efficient technique when the opponent is
too far away to attack him or to surprise the opponent.

Examples: The Fear Merchants, TNA Trap

The Fear Merchants TNA Trap
2. Throwing the bowler

Can be used to disarm or knock out the opponent, because some parts of the hat are steel-reinforced; very efficient against someone carrying a gun

Examples: Split!, TNA Hostage, TNA Dead Men are Dangerous
TNA Hostage Split!
TNA Dead Men are dangerous
3. Blows on the body with the brolly

Allows Steed to keep the opponent at distance and to disarm or knock him out, most efficiently done at the back, the spine, or in the kidneys.

Examples: Homicide and Old Lace, The Bird Who Knew Too Much
Homicide and old lace The Bird who knew too much
4. Blows on the body with the bowler

Very efficient on the arm or on the sternum, instantly knocks out even the biggest man.

Example: The Town of No Return
5. Using the brolly handle only

Can be used to pull off hands, legs or feet of the opponent or for disarming him.

Examples: Small Game for Big Hunters, TNA Dead Men are Dangerous, The Fear Merchants, TNA Sleeper
Small game for big hunters TNA Dead men are dangerous
The fear merchants TNA Sleepers
6. Bowler blow on the head

Knock out the enemy in the split of a second; extremely efficient when done in teamwork. Steed had to knock out poor Tara that way.

Example: The Bird Who Knew Too Much
7. The brolly tip ram

Ramming the tip of the brolly in the opponent's guts.
8. Brolly Disbalance

Bringing the opponent out of balance using the handle.
9. Brolly throat attack

Example: Mandrake
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Brolly fighting techniques as demonstrated by John Steed in The Avengers Annual from 1967, page 22 and 23