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Steed in military uniform: five times
Butler's uniform: one time
Fancy dress uniform: one time
Prison guard: one time in series one
Steed is washing in A Chorus of Frogs, The Sell-Out, The Town of No Return, 
The Master Minds, Too Many Christmas Trees.
He's twice doing the laundry in  Esprit de Corps (Mrs. Gale's underwear and a
leather skirt) and series 4 episode What the Butler Saw.
Steed's in the water in TNA Cat Amongst the Pigeons when he has to jump in the  
pool after the birds start to attack the professor. He drives his Bentley in a pond  
when an electronical shockwave damages the car's dashboard in The Positive  
Negative Man. He must fight in simulated storm in the rain lab during episode A  
Surfeit of H20. He escaped with Cathy Gale in The Wringer by crawling through a  

John Steed drinks water only one time: The Man with Two Shadows in Mrs. Gale's  
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