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Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 40/50

License Plate: KK 4976

Appearances in episodes

Get-A-Way! (first appearance)
Look - (stop me if...
My Wildest Dream
Whoever Shot Poor George...
You'll Catch Your Death
All Done with Mirrors
Super Secret Cypher Snatch
False Witness
Legacy of Death
The Rotters
The Interrogators
Wish You Were Here
The Morning After
Love All
Take Me To Your Leader
Stay Tuned
Take Over (?)
Bizarre (last appearance)
Rolls Royce - series 1HOMERolls Royce - Phantom Tourer
It's not absolutely clear which Rolls Royce appeared in Take-Over (script mentions a car)


The Rolls has a car candlestick telephone series 150  -  twenty years before car phones got invented in real life.

Tara drove the Rolls, and there were other people driving with Steed in The Morning After and Stay Tuned.
Steed's Rolls Royce -
The Silver Ghost
This Rolls Royce has an interesting history: 

Britain’s wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill was one of the owners of the 1923 Silver Ghost Rolls Royce and
Churchill used the car to give driving lessons to UK’s first female MP, Lady Astor, on a Kent estate. The vintage motor also served in the Second World War as a recovery truck. Later it gained international fame in The Avengers.
Information about it's restoration

Date of First Registration 31 12 1923