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Gift Set 40

Manufactured in the UK
Playcraft Ltd., Swansea, South Wales

launched January 1966, sold between 1966 - 1969
list price: 16/9d 
While John Steed always drove a green Bentley in the series, the original Corgi set however contained a red vintage Bentley, although the gift box portrayed the racing green vintage Bentley model. Around 112,000 boxes were sold in the year 1966.

It also contained a white (instead of powder blue) Lotus Elan 2, two figures, one of them John Steed seated at the steer of the Bentley. He's wearing a grey suit with a grey bowler hat, and Mrs. Peel wears a white dress; the box also contained three little plastic brollies.
Advert from Corgi Catalogues 1967/1968

The Avengers - Vintage Bentley
Year: 1998
The set contains a green vintage Bentley and a white metal John Steed figure wearing a grey suit with a grey bowler hat, and a black umbrella.
According to The Avengers Fanzine "Stay Tuned" (Volume 3, Issue1, Page,8) around 190,000 sets were sold.
Photos: JohnSteedsflat.com
Photos: JohnSteedsflat.com
Photos: JohnSteedsflat.com