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Binfield Manor

near Forest Road (B3034/B3018) was built in 1754 as a country retreat for William Pitt the Elder (a distant cousin of Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham) who became Prime Minister in 1756, Later the Georgian house belonged the "catholic Dancastle family for numerous generations".
Source: Berkshire History

Binfield Manor was the location for Steed's Stud in House of Cards, Cat Amongst the Pigeons and a room from the inside of the manor appeared as a location for the episode K is for Kill and it is the same room which was supposed to be David Miller's breakfast room in House of Cards.
Today Binfield Manor is a private residence.
View from The Cut towards the manor.
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[Fulmer Hall in TNA - outside]
Binfield Manor and Fulmer Hall in TNA

Locations for Steed's Stud (or David Miller's House or "France")

season 1

1.The Eagles Nest
2.The Midas Touch
3.House of Cards - Binfield Manor as Steed's Stud and  David Millers breakfast room
4.TheLast of the Cybernauts...?? Binfield Manor as Steed's Stud
5.To Catch a Rat
6.Cat amongst the Pigeons - Binfield Manor as Steed's Stud
9.Tale of the Big Why
10.The Three-Handed Game
13. Dirtier by the Dozen

season 2

14.Hostage Fulmer Hall
16.Dead Men are Dangerous - Fulmer Hall
17.Medium Rare (Binfield? stables)
18.Angels of Death
20.The Lion and the Unicorn
21.K is for Kill 1 - Binfield Manor
22.K is for Kill 2
24.The Gladiators
25.Forward Base
Fulmer Hall

Following the TNA episode Hostage, Steed's home was Fulmer Hall, Windmill Rd, Fulmer, Slough, Buckinghamshire SL3 6HD, situated between Gerrards Cross and Slough. The Hall was built around 1750 but was reduced in size and modernized in the 1920s.

It's a Georgian manor house, which consists of the main house, the coach house, and the gatehouse, extensive landscaped grounds and woodland, 21 acres in size and 2,796 sqm at all.

At the time of The Avengers, it was owned by actress Hayley Mills and Roy Boulting, the film producer. As far as I know, it's today owned by the Servier Laboratories Ltd., a French pharmaceutical company.

The outside of Fulmer Hall can be seen in The New Avengers in episodes Hostage, and Dead Men Are Dangerous.

Although Steed still seems to live in the same manor, the inside of the manor house, however, looks different following the episode Hostage.

The living room and the dining room have been "reversed" in position.

Following Dead Men Are Dangerous the color of the wallpaper in the rooms is different from the first episodes, one mantlepiece is gone The entrance area looks different too, and Steed finally gets a spacious study.
[Binfield Manor in TNA - outside]
Binfield Manor on an old postcard, printed in Germany,
date unknown,
Binfield Manor in the 1920ths, detail from a postcard
Location Trivia:
besides in the series The New Avengers, Binfield Manor was used as a location in other British TV series such as The Sweeney (episode Thin Ice) and The Professionals (episode The Rack) or in the films such as  "Interlude" from 1968, "The File of the Golden Goose" (1969), "" Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter" (1968), "Tales That Witness Madness" (1973), "The Spiral Staircase" (1975), "The Stud" (1978) or "Murder is Easy" (1982).

Binfield Manor also appeared as part of the Letraset action tranfers - Super Action Heroes: The New Avengers vs. the Cybernauts from 1977.

Today the property is owned by the Sultan of Brunei.
Elder John Steed lives in a country mansion, often referred to by fans as Steed's Stud, because it has plenty of grounds to exercise his horses.

The first glimpse of Steed's country mansion appears in The Eagle's Nest, but one can only see the interior of the mansion. The outside of his new home (which was Binfield Manor at the time) is first seen in TNA House of Cards.

Two different locations were used for Steed's Stud in TNA: Binfield Manor, near Binfield, Berkshire and Fulmer Hall, Fulmer, Buckinghamshire.


In TNA Steed had another charwoman, Mrs Wear, she is the second one after Elsie in The Mauritius Penny.

At Steed's Stud John Steed celebrates his birthday in The Last of the Cybernauts...?? two times.
Fulmer Hall was also a filming location for "Those Maginificant Men in Their Flying Machines" from 1965, "The Man in the Road" from 1956, "The Truth about Women" (1957).
Description of Steed's Stud in The Avengers Anuual 1978
John Steed's Country
Mansion- "Steed's Stud"