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3 Stable Mews - Continuity errors
Continuity (and other) errors
Continuity error 1

Steed looks from the living room window towards the street.
In front of the window, you can see a grid in Get-A-Way!, False Witness or Legacy of Death. It does not match the look from the outside, neither do the form and number of the windows in his flat.
Continuity error 2

The view from Steed's kitchen goes towards Duchess Street. One can see the buildings from the kitchen window. But only a few weeks later even the buildings have disappeared and new ones have been built - but that's London.
Continuity error 3
This kind of production error happens quite often.

For example: In Who's Who??? Steed (in Basil's body) and Emma Peel (in Lola's body) are fleeing from Steed's flat - but they are running towards the flat, which is located opposite to the parked Bentley and in Legacy of Death Steed's flat (you see the grid again) would be on the wrong site of the street. Other examples are Return of the Cybernauts or False Witness, when Steed's deadly wounded colleague, who has a very important microfilm in his pocket, is missing the front door...
Continuity error 4

The curious case of the missing storage room.
Does the secret agent has a secret room, a hidden room in his flat? It has to be, because this room of Steed's flat dissolves into thin air after Who's Who???.
Continuity error five

The door on the right is leading to Steed's guest room. The door is not a fake, as Steed is taking once care of the neighbor's baby and the child is sleeping in that room in WishYou Were Here.
But the room is structurally simply not possible, as it would jut over the street.
Continuity error six

The corridor leading to Steed's flat looks quite different in some episodes. In Legacy of Death you can see thick yellow curtains in the corridor next to Steed's entrance door, they are gone in You'll Catch Your Death.
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