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"Model CP1, made by Russell Hobbs, was both the first appliance made by Russell Hobbs and the first electric coffee maker. With a built in coffee strength adjuster, the CP1 came with matching sugar basins and cream jugs."

view to 2nd entrance and kitchen on the left Mrs Peel leaving kitchen toward dinning area
black worktop worktop view towards dinning area collection of medal at kitchen wall
black worktop worktop and window left to the gas cooker Steed and Emma having breakfast at kitchentable
blue kitchen wall with lights Steed at the sink, blue wall at the right kitchen stove
The kitchen
spiral stairs leading to flat's 2nd floor
dinning table view to dinning area from living room
second entrance (from Duchess Street)
Second entrance to the flat and spinal staircase to upper floor.
John Steed's Flats - No.4
3 Stable Mews - Dinning area, second entrance
Steed and Mrs. Peel used a Russell and Hobbs automatic electric coffee percolator, the model CP1.made by Russell and Hobbs Ltd., Surrey

right: Adverts for the percolator and the espresso coffee service. There were six models of the set in 1965, Steed and Mrs. Peel owned two of them.
Mrs. Peel's coffee pot appeared in The Town of no Return.
I own a set of four (tiny) coffee cups with cream jug and sugar basin.

Steed however never used these but cups from another coffee service.