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John Steed's Flats - No.3
4, Queen Anne's Court - Living Room
The set design of the flat in the series: Harry Pottle.

In the living room are an extensive collection of weapons, consisting of infantry swords from the 19ths century, halberds, rifles, and daggers from different countries. The halberds and glaives collection housed in the window area, the firearms, rifles, and pistols,  and swords above and to the left of Steed's desk, which is a lockable secretary/escritoire.

It looks like collecting weapons became a new hobby of Steed after series 2 and 3, where Mrs. Gale had a small weapon collection at her first flat. Steed bought an excellent replica of a single action flintlock from 1650 in The White Elefant for 200 guineas, and as part of his undercover disguise, he ordered delivery of weapons from Rifles Ranges International Ltd in Intercrime. And as Steed always manages to win something...is it possible that he kept a few of the guns? Who knows...

On the right hand of Steed's desk/escritoire, are three small lancet-shaped upper lights just below the ceiling. Right next to the fireplace are shelves among them a table on which a model ship stands.
The left space side of the living room, which leads to the three large French windows or doors, has dark wood paneling. In front of this wall, near to the windows, is another large table with a second, larger ship model, a three-masted sailing ship repaired by Steed and a colleague in the episode Two's a Crowd. To the left of this table, there is a dark glass cabinet.

The access to Steed's bedroom is through a door left to it. One saw the interior of the bedroom during the nightmare scene in the episode Too Many Christmas Trees.
Across from Steed's bed must be a window; the bed, as well as the apartment altogether, is decorated in Regency style. To the left and right of the bed, there are two bedside tables with lights on each.

Opposite the bedroom door is the well-equipped kitchen, which is the most modern room in the flat.

Once again there is no bathroom, but there is a note in the draft script from Too Many Christmas Trees (scripts are part of the bonus materials on the Optimum Releasing's DVD, season 4.)

“Emma goes to the coffee percolator while Steed goes into the bathroom. She measures out some coffee, then sees there is no water in the percolator. She takes it to the bathroom”.
"Steed is just unwrapping a razor blade there, his hands shaking badly" (much better than in the episode - to my opinion). ”We see something of his earlier tension...”
But wait a minute? Why did she go to the bathroom? Are there no water or no sink in Steed’s kitchen?…

Quotes from the draft script from Too Many Christmas Trees.

A few things in the flat are familiar: The telescope and the tuba from his second apartment made into the third one. The tuba is going to appear in the fourth flat two - astonishing, as Steed can't play the tuba (Take Me to Your Leader).