Identity and Security Cards
Season 3 - The Nutshell
pass 110262
Series 3: Steed's fingerprints in
The Nutshell
Series 4: Identity card in
Two's a Crowd
Series 5 - Red Card priority pass
Replica of the priority pass
Series 5 - Computer card used by Peter Beresford:
Steed's vital signs in
Return of the Cybernauts
Replica of the computer card
and on Avengerholic
Series 6: Identity card for the secret Ministry clinic 'S' in Noon Doomsday
Series 6: Identity card with Steed's signature for the peace conference in
They Keep Killing Steed
Replica of the conference pass
The New Avengers
Security Pass in the style of TNA Hostage
Security pass in
To Catch a Rat
Mike Gambit's security pass
credits: The New Avengers on Facebook
Security Pass in TNA Hostage
Fanart -
Security Pass in the style of episode TNA To Catch a Rat
File John Steed
Height (1,855 Metres), weight (85,729 Kilograms in 1977) and palm in
TNA Complex

Green Priority Pass
Younger John Steed
He shows another identity pass to the guard of the research centre in Never, Never Say Die.
Steed's British Passport can be seen in Propellant 23 in the office of the French Gendarmerie.
Red cards
"as rare as a samon in Bond Street"
The Positive Negative Man
Steed's Biography 
Identity Cards