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John Steed's Biography
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Injured Steed in THE AVENGERS

How often did Steed get injured during the Avengers?
I don’t count being knocked out or drugged, but “real” injuries?

The most traumatic injury obviously was that from Berlin in the sixties: three bullet wounds and a broken thigh. It happened after August 1961 as he told Purdey that he went over the Wall. Steed felt "like jelly" afterward, but he fought his fears as he had to go over the wall again as soon as he could walk.

List of injuries:

nasty gash on the hand in Square Root of Evil

cut or slash wound on his forehead in One for the Mortuary

his left eyebrow, also a cut: Propellant 23

chemical burns at his right hand: Mr. Teddy Bear

burns, also bitten by a dog: Warlock

cut eyebrow: Man With Two Shadows

graze shot?: November Five

burns at right hand: Concerto

shot in the left shin: The Little Wonders

black eye: Death At Bargain Prices

shot (right shoulder): Silent Dust

injured his left foot in a fox trap: Silent Dust

injured left leg or left knee after he felt down the stairs: The Joker

injured shoulder and leg: Split!

sprained his thumb: Mother reports it in Homicide and Old Lace

graze shot forehead: Take-Over

broken right leg: Noon Doomsday

graze shots (2x): Dead Men Are Dangerous

bullet wound left shoulder: Dead Men Are Dangerous (flashback scene)

broken left arm: Trap

three bullet wounds and a broken thigh from Berlin: Obsession

bullet wound left arm: K is for Kill 2

Shot on:

TNA Faces - a bullet to the chest, but the agent's life is saved by his best friend's Hunter watch, as the bullet hits the metal.

TNA House of Cards - a bullet to the chest, but saved as the bullet hit  a metall shield.

Esprit de Corps: Steed is about to be executed, but the firing Squat uses blanks.

K is for Kill - The Tiger Awakes -  a bullet to the heart, but Steed's life is saved by the cigarette box, as the bullet hits it.
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