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The Avengers Forever  -  the site of David K. Smith

The Avengers Declassified - the site of Alan Hayes with the section The Avengers in Time

Steedumbrella - the Russian The Avengers Site of Denis Kirsanov

The Avengers Illustrated - the site of Mike Noon

PURRR - The Avengers - site of Patrick Van De Weghe

Mrs Peel...we're needed - the Australian The Avengers site of Piers Johnson

ANew - The New Avengers Site - site of J.Z.Ferguson

Los Vengadores - Argentinean site of Carlos Pag├ęs

The Authorized Guide to The New Avengers - site of Dave Matthews

Le Monde des Avengers - French site

The Avengers - Agente Speciale - the Italian The Avengers site of Sergio Maggi
(the original website is unfortunately gone, but it's still available via web.archive.org)

The Avengers Artland - site of Ian Duerden

Avenging Taglines

                                                   ACTRESSES AND ACTORS

Patrick Macnee - Official Homepage

The World of Patrick Macnee - an unofficial tribute

Honor Blackman - Official Homepage

Diana Rigg - The Unofficial Homepage

Linda Thorson - Official Homepage

Patrick Macnee on Facebook

Linda Thorson on Facebook

Joanna Lumley on Twitter

Gareth Hunt - There is unfortunately no site about Gareth or Mike Gambit.

Ian Hendry - Official Homepage

                                        BOOKS AND FANFICTION FOCUSED SITES

The Avengers novels - the site is gone, but can be found via Internet Archive

The Avengers Fanfiction Archive

Deadline: The Avengers Press and PR Archive

The Avengers Illustrated

                                           MERCHANDISING & FANMADE REPLICAS

Dead Duck: The Avengers Merchandise Archive

The Avengers Merchandise section on Steedumbrella

Avengerholic - A site featuring fanmade replica artifacts from The Avengers

                                                      STEED FOCUSED BLOGS

Avengerness - International contributed Tumblr blog, focused on John Steed and the work of actor Patrick Macnee with information and news about Avengerland, fanart and fanfiction.

You Diabolical Mastermind You!  - Celluloidbroomcloset's - Tumblr blog - information and discussions about The Avengers and TNA

Feather Dusters at 400 Yards - a Tumblr blog about the characters, the performances, scene and episode analysis, technical aspects of the production, and Avengers music videos and fanfiction.

Steed's Secrets - The Avengers top secret files (French blog)

                                                             FORUM SECTION

The Avengers International Fan Forum - International Forum / English

Chapeau Melon et Bottes de cuir - French Forum / French

Absolutely Joanna - a forum dedicated to the actress Joanna Lumley.

                                                        SPY FOCUSED BLOGS

SpyVibe   Jason Whiton's spy blog


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