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The Avengers series: post cards
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Postcards Germany

Kolibri Foto-Karten

produced by:

Friedrich W. Sander Verlag, Minden (Westfalen)
from the left: Patrick Macnee as John Steed in "Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone", card no.2866; Patrick Macnee, card no.2966;
card no.2966 was printed mirror-inverted; it should have looked like the photo on the right
Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee, card no.2968
Postcards  Denmark

produced by
Forlage "Holger Danske
Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee, card no.2870
The Avengers
no 527
Cards no.

Printed Autographs
(ZDF Promotional Cards?)
left: Diana Rigg als Emma Peel in der ZDF-Kriminalserie "Mit Schirm,Charme und Melone"
right:Diana Rigg als EmmaPeel und Patrick Macnee als John Steed in der ZDF Kriminalserie "Mit Schirm,Charme und Melone"
The Informations- und Presseabteilung/Öffentlichkeitsabteilung (Public Relation) of the ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) sent the autographs on request to German fans.
Klasik Kards
Patrick McNee 1564,  Diana Rigg,1605, The Avengers1601,
Lilliput Productions London - Mini Series
"The Avengers"
no. 407

autographed by Patrick Macnee