The Avengers Forever  -  the site of David K. Smith

The Avengers Declassified - the site of Alan Hayes with the section The Avengers in Time

Steedumbrella - the Russian The Avengers Site of Denis Kirsanov

The Avengers Illustrated - the site of Mike Noon

PURRR - The Avengers - site of Patrick Van De Weghe

Mrs Peel...we're needed - the Australian The Avengers site of Piers Johnson

ANew - The New Avengers Site - site of J.Z.Ferguson

Los Vengadores - Argentinean site of Carlos Pag├ęs

The Authorized Guide to The New Avengers - site of Dave Matthews

Avengerland Locations

Le Monde des Avengers - French site

The Avengers - Agente Speciale - the Italian The Avengers site of Sergio Maggi
(the original website is unfortunately gone, but it's still available via

The Avengers Artland - site of Ian Duerden

Avenging Taglines

                                                   ACTRESSES AND ACTORS

Patrick Macnee - Official Homepage

The World of Patrick Macnee - an unofficial tribute

Honor Blackman - Official Homepage

Diana Rigg - The Unofficial Homepage closed in2017, partially available via
the Internet Archive

Linda Thorson - Official Homepage

Patrick Macnee on Facebook

Linda Thorson on Facebook

Joanna Lumley on Twitter

Gareth Hunt
There is unfortunately no special site about Gareth or Mike Gambit but
the website ANew presents two lovely articles about Gareth (1), (2)

Ian Hendry - Official Homepage

                                        BOOKS AND FANFICTION FOCUSED SITES

The Avengers novels - the site is gone, but can be found via Internet Archive

The Avengers Fanfiction Archive

Deadline: The Avengers Press and PR Archive

The Avengers Illustrated

                                           MERCHANDISING & FANMADE REPLICAS

Dead Duck: The Avengers Merchandise Archive

The Avengers Merchandise section on Russian website Steedumbrella

Avengerholic - A site featuring fanmade replica artifacts from The Avengers

Little Storping Museum - features a fine collection of rare items from both The Avengers and The New Avengers

                                 STEED and PATRICK MACNEE FOCUSED BLOGS

Avengerness - International contributed Tumblr blog, focused on John Steed and the work of actor Patrick Macnee with information and news about Avengerland, fanart and fanfiction.

You Diabolical Mastermind You!  - Celluloidbroomcloset's - Tumblr blog - information and discussions about The Avengers and TNA

Feather Dusters at 400 Yards - a Tumblr blog about the characters, the performances, scene and episode analysis, technical aspects of the production, and Avengers music videos and fanfiction.

Daniel Patrick Macnee - a Facebook page focused on Patrick Macnee with lots of screencaps from various TV series and many pictures of older Patrick.

Steed's Secrets - The Avengers top secret files (French blog)

                                                             FORUM SECTION

The Avengers International Fan Forum - International Forum / English

Chapeau Melon et Bottes de cuir - French Forum / French

Absolutely Joanna - a forum dedicated to the actress Joanna Lumley.

                                                        SPY FOCUSED BLOGS

SpyVibe   Jason Whiton's spy blog


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